Purifying Masks

I love masks. Even growing up, I made facial masks: egg white and lemon juice, honey and oatmeal, mashed banana… Maybe occasionally I would buy one of those little mask sachets you could buy individually at the chemist, usually something highly scented and exotic sounding. These are the masks I’ve tried more recently: Eve Lom … More Purifying Masks

Adult Acne

At first, I just thought it was a normal spot. But the throbbing pain and the fact that these lumps stayed on my face for weeks if not months instead of disappearing after a few days soon made me realise that something new was happening. I had no idea what acne was. I thought it happened … More Adult Acne

Chilli Relish

My husband’s colleague grows veg in an allotment on an almost industrial scale, and one day he brought home from work a big brown paper bag of… chillies. I can’t say I’m a huge chilli fan. I buy a few per year, mostly to concoct my Miracle Brew (post coming!). But by chance I’d been flicking through … More Chilli Relish