I used to be an avid eyebrow plucker. As a teenager – maybe even a pre-teen – it seemed like a quick, cheap and easy way to get a new look. Unfortunately, I learned that it is often permanent. Fortunately, I never let it get too000 much out of hand.

Then I was introduced to threading by someone at work. We had a threading lady come to our office and charge us huge amounts of money to sort out our brows. I remember the first time I had an appointment and she looked at my eyebrows and said sadly, “This will take many months and appointments to get right”. I’d been pretty happy with them before then. The days and weeks before she was due, our eyebrows would become more and more straggly. We longer dared to touch a single eyebrow hair as she would notice and complain that our ‘line’ had been ruined by our lack of expertise.

Those days are long gone. I still have my eyebrows threaded occasionally, but it’s usually done in some mobile booth in a shopping centre that I happen to pass and it costs me £3 or £4.

The ultimate eyebrow shape guide?!
The ultimate eyebrow shape guide?!

I got a blow dry when I was in Beirut last month. It was a tiny, run down salon in the middle of the city and cost me $3. $3!! It costs $30 in my hometown, which is why I very rarely get one. On the wall I found this poster. It took me a while to figure out what it was!

Browsing in Boots and Superdrug recently, I’ve seen a spate of eyebrow products on offer. Gels, powders, pencils. My favourite make-up brand is Bobbi Brown, so I looked online and wow, there are some gorgeous products. But although Bobbi Brown might be my favourite brand, it doesn’t mean I end up buying it. £18.50 for an eyebrow gel is just too much for me. I just look and learn and try to find a cheaper alternative.

Rimmel Brow This Way make up
Gel on one side, powder on the other. Complete with two brushes.



What I opted for was this beauty: Rimmel Brow This Way in dark brown. It comes with two tiny brushes: one double-ended brush with harder bristles for the wax and a softer brush for the powder, and a mascara-type brush (spoolie or spooley) to comb through afterwards.


I think it’s a great product. It’s easy to use. The only negative is that the brushes are quite small which means they are fiddly to handle. But I’m not complaining – it’s great that brushes are included at all at that price. It seems to last well – it stayed in place even after a day out or a session in the gym. I would have liked to buy one for my sister, but even the mid brown kit would have been way too dark. For me, my hair is a dark blonde but my brows are very dark, so the dark brown kit was perfect.

What are your favourite brow products?



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