Dark Rye Flour Ginger Biscuits

One of my stress busters is baking. And it’s been a stressful few days, plus I used up all the treats in my freezer when visitors came over on Monday, so I thought it was time for some baking.

I have some dark rye flour still in the back of my cupboard, so I googled recipes and found this:


What is dark rye flour? I had to google that, and it turns out it is just wholemeal, and it’s not very dark.

The only amendments I made to the Ginger Crumbles recipe were:

  1. I didn’t have plain oats, so I picked out (most of) the raisins, nuts, etc. from my muesli mix and used that instead, so it has linseed and maybe a few goji berries in there.
  2. I didn’t have a lemon, just half a lime in the fridge so I had to use that.

Mine turned out nothing like the picture on the Doves Farm website, that is for sure! And to make the given amount of 30 biscuits, they would have been very small. My mix made about 20.

Verdict: They are utterly delicious. Crunchy on the outside, slightly chewy on the inside. The pieces of crystallized ginger give them quite a hot spicy taste – perhaps children would find it too much? I don’t really eat many biscuits but I ate four of these before they were quite cool!


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