Purifying Masks

I love masks. Even growing up, I made facial masks: egg white and lemon juice, honey and oatmeal, mashed banana… Maybe occasionally I would buy one of those little mask sachets you could buy individually at the chemist, usually something highly scented and exotic sounding. These are the masks I’ve tried more recently:

Eve Lom Rescue Mask. Pros: This is a white mask, which isn’t a big deal except that it won’t turn your sink black when you clean it off! I really love this mask. It has a good consistency, didn’t dry out my skin, and my skin really seemed a lot brighter and clearer afterwards. Cons: Like all Eve Lom products, it’s really pricey and out of my price range. £35 for 50ml.

Elemental Herbology Facial Detox. Pros: It is amazing. I cut open the tube to get the very last bits out of it when it came to an end, it is so good. It left my skin looking great. Cons: the contents do separate, so you need to shake it or squeeze it for a while beforehand. £29 for 75ml.

Origins Clear Improvement. Pros: I found a pack containing 4 individual doses, which is pretty convenient although I found that half the dose was plenty for one application. It has a good consistency and doesn’t seem to smell of anything (I last used it yesterday and I don’t recall a scent). It is by far the best value at £25 for 100ml.

Bobbi Brown Instant Detox. Pros: This little mask set was £10 from the Bobbi Brown online shop. Cons: I love Bobbi Brown products but I found the consistency of this mask a little thick, and I didn’t notice much difference after using this. Full price, this mask is £33 for 75ml.


A good mask will help you avoid break outs, and it’s hard to measure how good a mask is at doing that. Certainly I didn’t get any additional spots from using these, so I guess they all did their job! I’m judging these on how I liked using them, on price and on whether I felt my skin looked a bit better afterwards. Eve Lom was by far the best, but the price tag means that my winner is Elemental Herbology.


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