Chilli Relish

My husband’s colleague grows veg in an allotment on an almost industrial scale, and one day he brought home from work a big brown paper bag of… chillies. I can’t say I’m a huge chilli fan. I buy a few per year, mostly to concoct my Miracle Brew (post coming!). But by chance I’d been flicking through … More Chilli Relish


I used to be an avid eyebrow plucker. As a teenager – maybe even a pre-teen – it seemed like a quick, cheap and easy way to get a new look. Unfortunately, I learned that it is often permanent. Fortunately, I never let it get too000 much out of hand. Then I was introduced to threading by … More Eyebrows

Fig Rolls

I woke up early today and felt like baking. This doesn’t happen often (either waking up early or the desire to bake.) We had some friends coming over after dinner to discuss something, and there was nothing in the house to serve with drinks, so I thought I’d make something. The recipe The recipe I … More Fig Rolls